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Pipe patching is a permanent, cost effective and quick solution to repair a broken pipe

Pipe patching is fast becoming a popular alternative to digging up tree root infested, damaged, misaligned or broken pipes.It's fast, permanent and ideal for smaller leaks or cracks in your pipes that don’t need to be completely replaced.

Who is pipe patching an ideal solution for?

Pipe patching is ideal for homeowners, businesses, strata or facilities managers experiencing problems with blocked drains or broken pipes. Not only is it affordable, it also minimises disruption to homes, businesses and multiple tenants occupying one building.

Why choose pipe patching over excavation?

In many instances, pipe patching is a more cost-effective alternative to excavating as roads, landscaping, driveways, etc. don’t need to be restored. Restoration work can be costly and time consuming not to mention a major hassle. Sometimes excavation just isn’t an option...

What’s the difference between pipe patching and pipe relining?

Patch pipe repairs are similar to relining, but is usually installed in one or two-metre lengths to correct isolated breakages or misalignments. Pipe patching is recommended if relining the entire pipe isn't economical.

Pipe patching to repair a broken section of a pipe can be an ideal, cost effective solution. However if the pipe requires several patches, relining the entire pipe could provide better value for money. Find out about more about our pipe relining services.

What types of pipe are suitable for pipe patching?

Pipe diameters from 50mm to 300mm. Patch repairs can be installed in PVC, earthenware, cast-iron, cement, asbestos pipes and more. To find out more information about pipe patching contact us.

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As a plumber who has never been involved in pipe relining before, I certainly learnt a lot through dealing with Pipe Relining Solutions and in particular Mat. From the first phone call, Mat was very informative and had arranged a site inspection and provided me with a quote within 24hrs. Service like that is hard to come by these days. I had never dealt with Pipe Relining Solutions prior to this but would most certainly use them again and definitely recommend them to others.

—'George Millas' - Maintenance Manager, Mr Water Plumbing

Pipe patching can repair broken pipe for 50 years.